Quemao Viejo is the name of a 9 acres plot of land in south Spain. In the region of Murcia. In the past, it has been used to grow  almonds trees. Now, and fully respecting everything on it, we are trying to start a project of sustainability. Using just renewable energy, water recovered from rain, natural agriculture/permaculture…

The idea is to try to escape this rat race we’ve got ourselves into. By trying to put a roof over our heads in cheaper ways that spending half of our life paying just interest to the bank; consume in  different ways; produce more of our own food, better ways of transport, making rural life more appealing…

Always trying to pass it on, and make others benefit and learn as well, so everybody can have a better life and enjoy more quality time.

And all of that disposing of the good bits that technology, modern life  and cities have to offer.

Micro-camping project with foldable dome.

Climbing at Quemao Viejo?


4 Responses to About

  1. Laura says:

    Jose solo decir que impresionante tu trabajo!!!! Animo y todo es ponerse.
    Un besazo muy fuerte
    Laura Ruiz

  2. Paul says:


    Please can you tell me if you have any plans to construct earthbag homes and if so, do you need any help?

    Me pueda decir si tiene algunos planes a construir casas de sacos de tierra y si la respuesta es “sí”, ¿necesitará ayuda?


    Paul (Granada)

  3. Ben says:

    Hello! I would love to contact you about your ideas. Could you send me an e-mail at bdchrist@gmail.com?

  4. robertijo says:

    Por fin lo conozco! Es todo un reto, pero ya veo que vas dando pasos…Si dispongo de vacaciones y estoy libre de cargas familiares, puedes contar con mis dos manos para ayudarte.
    El Rober Taxista

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