Katharina and Lukasz’s visit to Quemao Viejo.

I had the pleasure to share a day with  Katharina and Lukasz, who paid a visit to Quemao Viejo during their trip to South Spain.

We parked the car by the road, and went walking to Quemao Viejo. Katharina took a distant first approach to the place, but after ten minutes she was asking me “ What do you want me to do? Is there anything I can do for the project?”. I wasn’t ready for such a willing person! Never thought really about “giving” work to visitors! So, I suggested Katharina  to cut the branches of some almonds trees, broken by the snow fallen last winter. And there she went, armed with the handsaw ready for action. Lukasz joined  her happily:


After the bit of work, Katarina decided to pick some almonds left in the trees:


Minutes later, Lukasz had a fight with the wet wood, showing his survival skills trying to start a fire in the cave:


He managed!


I took the chance to try to explain the project Quemao Viejo, and ended up explaining about the cave’s door, which is dragging all my energy at the moment!!


Later we had a picnic in front of the cave, enjoying local almonds,  cheese and wine “palo seco”  from Andalucía, and a rosemary tea for desert:


Then we walked the way up to Peñarrubia,

quemao Viejo_Mayo 2012 111

where we enjoyed the views,


while the vultures flied  a few meters above our heads,


In our way back we tried to find niscalos, a kind of edible mushrooms, considered a local delicatessen. We found many mushrooms, but not niscalos ( do not despair, wait for the post next Friday!)


It was a gorgeous day out, that showed me that life is so much fun when shared!!

Thanks guys for the visit and for being so positive. Hope you come back again!



About Quemao Viejo

A project to scape the Rat Race with a micro-camping site and a veterinary practice using local medicinal plants.
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2 Responses to Katharina and Lukasz’s visit to Quemao Viejo.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Que bueno! Y esto es solo el principio! Yo cambie de rumbo, estoy en Costa Rica, y pronto en Cuba…me encantaria darte unas novedades de vez en cuando, si me das un mail tuyo. Besos. Mod

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