Religious procession for San Miguel_Zarzadilla de Totana

Quemao Viejo is located two miles away from Zarzadilla de Totana. The big party time in Zarzadilla is the “Fiestas de San Miguel”. They happen every year the last weekend of September. They last four days. Many events happen, and food, beer and wine run in abundance.

Every night their is a band playing all-time-favourites songs, a “verbena”. On Sunday afternoon a giant paella is cooked for everybody; Monday evening, games for kids; Monday night is free barbecue feast…and many more happy moments, which unfortunately I missed with my camera because I was busy with the other San Miguel, the beer! Hopefully I’ll make more photos next year.

At least I took my camera out the night of the religious parade where “San Miguel”and “La Virgen del Rosario” are carried over the shoulders of the “mozos” around the narrow streets of the village.

People waiting in the main square:


It was funny to learn that the privilege of carrying San Miguel and La Virgen, was auditioned from a balcony over the square, and the amount of money offered was quite shocking! ( thousands of Euros!) At the same time, from the same balcony “cohetes” were fired every ten seconds!


San Miguel getting out of the church,


The next is a typical “España profunda” one, La Virgen carried out in parade with the priest behind!


The parade happens at night. Everybody carries candles, and the effect is quite impressive:


The pashioners following “”La Virgen”,


the elected “Reinas de las fiestas”,


I am going to take advantage of this post to make a wish to San Miguel ( quite stupid because I am not a believer…but well, who knows!):

Wholly, Wholly San Miguel,

please do spare us a thought,

and help Quemao Viejo’s endeavours

reach a peaceful port.


About Quemao Viejo

A project to scape the Rat Race with a micro-camping site and a veterinary practice using local medicinal plants.
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