Bio-construction: Recycled electric posts.

I found this construction in Mazarron, made with savaged electric posts. I thought it was a beautiful and functional thing. It is used as a shadow/terrace area in a restaurant, but the idea could be taken a bit further to provide affordable housing.

“Affordable housing”!! I found this concept as difficult as bio-construction. Something that can be affordable in UK, could be the most expensive thing ever in other parts of the world. Think about zinc planks used for roofing in African houses. Well, in a developed country it can be so affordable that is used to cover the dog’s house. In certain parts of Africa it could be seem as a sign of distinction of a family ( so people move away from building with earth, and spend all their money in providing tin planks). As weird as it sounds.

So what is affordable? For me, an affordable house is one that can be build without the person/family that will dwell in it needing to “marry”, for life, with a bank ( as with mortgages in developed countries).

If you try to measure bio-construction, or affordable housing…why not looking at animals? well it is true that some of them spend their life “building” ( ants, beavers,bees…), but most of them get themselves a dwell in less than a tenth of their life spam.  why should it take longer for us? Aren’t we suppose to be more clever than them?

Ok, I think I am losing the plot here.

These are the photos of the shadowing/terrace with the savaged electric poles:






About Quemao Viejo

A project to scape the Rat Race with a micro-camping site and a veterinary practice using local medicinal plants.
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