Foldable Hammock.

During one of my last visits to Quemao Viejo, I found these two large pine trees, and I thought to myself, “next time I need to bring a Hammock”. But, my brains can stop just there, they need to keep wondering…and so I thought  “ Well, how cool would it be to hang the hammock very high and have a nap among the birds”. Hilarious!

I’ve seen something like that in several websites: “camping tents” hanging in trees in Africa, people sleeping in hammocks up the trees in south England…I will do a review of different designs and ideas to sleep in tents up the trees. There are many on internet.

This is a basic design. With a small double bed resting in a wooden plank:

foldable hammock_1

From the corners of the platform, there would be ropes secured to both trees ( not showing). It will all be covered with a fabric, tarpaulin alike, in all sides ( only showing one side). The hole in one corner is how you get into the hammock, climbing trough rope steps. All sides could be detached at will, so to stare at the stars, spy the wild animal, or just enjoy a fresh breeze. Obviously, the wooden frame in the top would be also cover to keep it water tight.

So, would you dare sleeping here?

foldable hammock_pino1C and T

Your views would be something like that:

quemao Viejo_Mayo 2012 075

I must admit that it seems a bit crazy, but still…google “vertical camping” and you may change your mind with the images you’ll see!


About Quemao Viejo

A project to scape the Rat Race with a micro-camping site and a veterinary practice using local medicinal plants.
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2 Responses to Foldable Hammock.

  1. Anonymous says:

    The very nice thing about this vertical camping is that there is no permit necesary for it! Not that they let us kindly this liberty of living, but it just doesn’t appear as existant in laws and political minds. So that’s very nice stuff actually…now further than that, did you ever sleep on a branch a tree? I just did this one some weeks ago, and that’s one of the greatest sensation I ever got! The direct contact with the living wood while napping is amasing…wish to be a lion.

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