All about water: Zarzadilla de Totana’s aqueduct.

Many projects may be planned at Quemao Viejo. Many ideas and dreams.But for any of them to succeed, there is a main factor to consider. A missing key: WATER.

Without water, well…it would be impossible to grow and propagate plants, raise animals, bio-constructions…nothing! No water=No life.

But yet again, following the same logic: Plenty of live=Plenty of water…and Quemao Viejo is a place were life happens in abundance. It may not be a rainforest, but take a walk at the beginning of spring, and you will lose count, in less than ten meters, of the different  plants, flowers, insects, birds…and that without mentioning the pine tree forest surrounding it. So water is somewhere. At least life knows how to find it.

I’ve got in my head many ways to bring water to Quemao Viejo. Some are green and cheap ( i.e fog collection, rainwater harvesting, dew ponds); others expensive and carbon footprint bounded (i.e.drilling a well, running a pipe from a nearby well, lorry containers).

This post is just a drop for hope:

Quemao Viejo is near the beautiful village of Zarzadilla de Totana ( which I hope to cover in a future post). The village is surrounded by mountains, with several natural fountains. At the end of the  eighteenth century an aqueduct was built to supply water to  the big city of Lorca. There are still remains of this aqueduct. Here are some photos which are just that to me: All about water.

quemao Viejo_Mayo 2012 220A

quemao Viejo_Mayo 2012 230A

In this last one, some water can be seen. It seems to me puddles from recent rains.

quemao Viejo_Mayo 2012 221A


About Quemao Viejo

A project to scape the Rat Race with a micro-camping site and a veterinary practice using local medicinal plants.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hello, nice pictures!

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