Foldable house.

This idea came to me when thinking about ephemeral housing. It is not really ephemeral, as in something that last only a short time, but something “non-permanent”. I guess it would suit somebody wanting to spend only some  time in remotes areas. I don’t know much about building permission, but I do not see anybody bothering you much about this as it could be seen as a kind of tent.

The idea comes from the “tetra brick” food container. The basic one has three layers:  cardboard for strength and stability, plastic to isolate from humidity, and aluminium to keep away light and air.

It is just a rectangular box with compartments dug into the floor. The compartments are used to keep all the furniture and the walls and ceiling (rolled inside poles).

I have planned it as a 3×6 meters area, which I consider enough for a couple willing to live a frugal live for a short period.

I would use four layers:

_outer: waterproof canvas, coloured to be unnoticed/merged with the environment as much as possible.

_Polythene: for extra water/wind proofing.

_Inner layer: wire mess/fence mesh for strength.

_Most inner layer: Washable cotton fabric of favourite colour.

This is the idea:

From a far distance you wouldn’t notice much. Everything would be covered with metal sheets painted matching the area.

When the top cover is removed, you see the wood covers of the compartments, with room to keep stuff and foldable/easy to put up furniture:

In the sides there are poles that can be lifted as columns (ceiling not showed):

The four layers that form the walls and ceiling (not showed) are kept inside the columns and can be unfold to form the house:

The compartments could be made of concrete or cob and plaster. The cover of the compartments should be as strong as the protection you wanted. It they are made of steel, somebody wanting to take your stuff would need to come prepared (with a can opener at least!). But again, that is the same situation with an isolated rural house. Do not forget: the less you’ve got, the less you need to care for!

I guess you have noticed that something is missing. The toilet. I would like to keep that away from the house. For many obvious reasons. A solution could be a dry toilet, which are fantastic and produce compost in return.

There are some great ideas on folding houses on the web site open space

And while I was doing the sketches, I started upgrading my survival skills…and baked my first bread ever!  🙂


About Quemao Viejo

A project to scape the Rat Race with a micro-camping site and a veterinary practice using local medicinal plants.
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  1. barbara says:

    Awesome post! Thank you.

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