First eco-building project: A fireplace.

We spend one day in October in Quemao Viejo, and out of the blue we started building a little wall in front of the fireplace inside the little cave.

The fireplace was at floor level. when the flame was high, all the smoke was neatly getting off the cave by the chimney, but as the fire got consumed, the smoke was stuck inside the cave.

So we started building the wall, with stones and mud, and filling the hole with dirt. Now the fireplace is about 30cm higher, which makes a big difference.

we did the mud with soil found about 10 meters from the cave. The next day some cracks appeared in the wall. That means the soil is too rick in clay. Next time we will add some stray or pine leaves to reduce the amount of clay.

It was so funny. We were two people. I think it took us two hours. But I can only guess, we had such a great time, we don’t really know how long it took.

Hopefully, I’ll go camping to Quemao Viejo in November. I’ll take some more photos, and if time so permits, will get my hands dirty…

There is a great book about building with mud, by Gernot Minke ” Earth construction handbook“. It is excellent. A bit expensive in Amazon, but if you look, probably can find it somewhere free. I’ve got the spanish version. The amount of information is amazing.


About Quemao Viejo

A project to scape the Rat Race with a micro-camping site and a veterinary practice using local medicinal plants.
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